2010 Videos

Transportation is one of the most fundamental aspects of any society. The movement flow and accessibility all help determine how efficient a nation is. The importance of mass-transit in Philadelphia is explored by the youth filmmakers in this year’s documentary history project for youth. The videos explore the themes of cultural expression, health, history and movement of goods. The young documentarians delve into the world of mass-transit and through the help of grassroots organizations, city government, corporate insight and public opinion, the film provides a window into the complexities of the mass transit system and how it impacts our everyday lives.

Researched, written, shot and edited by Sa-ood J. Abdul-Basit, Jerimyjah Batts, Theo Black, Maya Culbertson, Kura Ellis, Ali Elmekki, Wynter Lane, Jackson Tritt, Chevonne Trueheart.

Heart of the City by Ali El-Mekki

Movement of Goods by Sa'ood Abdul-Basit

Mass Transit and Health by Wynter Lane and Chevonne Trueheart

I am Still Here by Theo Black and Kura Ellis

Alternatives by Maya Culbertson and Jackson Tritt